mb! by Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz reached out to Highsnobiety to capture their latest C-Class offering in "On Road, Rock and Mountain Top." Adding a twist to the traditional automobile film, Highsnobiety headed to the streets and foothills of Marseille to capture a star-crossed lover as he professes his unwavering devotion to an unknown beauty whose form is hinted at throughout the video’s opening sequence.

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Fuel consumption combined: 4.0-3.6 l/100 km;
combined CO₂ emissions: 104-94 g/km.*

Product may vary after press date on 28/07/2014.

*The data do not relate to a specific vehicle and are not part of the specification, but are merely for the purpose of comparing different vehicle types. The figures are provided in accordance with the German regulation "PKW EnVKV" and apply to the German market only.

mb! by Mercedes-Benz

mb! by Mercedes-Benz


mb! by Mercedes-Benz features creative people, the latest in fashion and design, current events and cool places to visit around the globe.

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