mb! by Mercedes-Benz

Engineer, designer, and artist Jamie Zigelbaum is intent on embodying digital information in physical space.

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Directed by Bennett Barbakow / Featuring Jamie Zigelbaum / Produced by Lola Kramer / Director of Photography: Bennett Barbakow & Jake Braitman / Interview DP: Andrew David Watson / Interview B-Cam: ANdrew Whitlatch / Edited by Bennett Barbakow & Zach Alterman / Sound design by Robert Amjarv / Music by Huma-Huma / Triangular Series animation by Carl Albrecht courtesy of Jamie Zigelbaum

mb! by Mercedes-Benz

mb! by Mercedes-Benz


mb! by Mercedes-Benz features creative people, the latest in fashion and design, current events and cool places to visit around the globe.

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