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  1. Title: Communism
    Artist: Doug Fishbone
    Year Produced: 2008
    Medium: Documentation of Performance at Romanian Cultural Institute London on DVD
    Duration: 13 min 50 sec (on loop)
    Editions: Momentum Special Edition, Edition of V
    Property of

    Doug Fishbone is an American artist based in London. His work often uses satire and humour within film, performance and installation to examine consumer culture and the mass media in a critical and disarming way and to investigate the relativity of perception and understanding between different conceptual frameworks and contexts.

    "Communism" was specially selected to be shown in the inaugural exhibition opening M o m e n t u m / Berlin in Kunstquartier Bethanien, a historic building situated on the very path of the Berlin Wall.

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  2. Title of Work: Creative Wakes
    Artist: Osvaldo Budet
    Year Produced: August 2011
    Medium: Digital Video
    Duration: 10 min
    Editions: 1 of 10, Made as a special commission for Momentum

    Osvaldo Budet (Juan Osvaldo Budet-Meléndez) (born in San Juan, Puerto Rico in 1979 is a contemporary Puerto Rican artist living in Berlin, Germany. Budet received a BFA in painting in 2004 from Escuela de Artes Plásticas de Puerto Rico and an MFA in Painting from the Hoffberger School of Painting in 2008 at Maryland Institute College of Art. He was an artist in resident at Museo del Barrio Santurce, Puerto Rico in 2005 and in The Leipzig International Art Program, Germany in 2008.

    Budet’s work is influenced by documentary film, and activism and his production of paintings, photographs and videos are characterized as being both "Humorous and serious". The work displays a conscious of the problems of identity; a notion of the colonized is at the center of this work.

    Budet constructs paintings and photographs which use self-portraiture to explore historical moments, often citing the creation of colonial identity. Budet uses reflective materials, such as diamond dust, iron oxide and glass to reference the material of film. His work has been shown in Puerto Rico, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, Baltimore, Washington DC, Ireland and Italy.

    Puerto Rico - In fall 2008 Angel Luis Pantojas asked his family that in the case of his death he wanted to be presented at his wake in a standing position. Two weeks later he was fatally shot, apparently for drug related crimes. His family fulfilled his death wish and this triggered the beginning of a movement of themed and theatrical wakes in Puerto Rico. Osvaldo Budet explores the possibilities that this new trend has awoken.

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  4. Year Produced: 1958/9
    Medium: DVD
    Duration: 13 min 44 sec (on loop)
    Editions: 1/9, 2/9, 3/9

    Indestructible Truth (Tibet UFO)claims to be shot in Tibet in 1958 and reveals Shambhala (the legendary Tibetan heaven on earth) for the very first time, it includes quotes from the Swiss psychoanalyst C.G. Jung and closes with a spectacular Yana Machine or UFO at its climax.

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  5. Year Produced: 2004
    Medium: Single Channel Video, Digital Loop, Silent
    Duration: 17:17 min

    Gabriele Leidloff works with video, film, photography and image generating techniques. Her installations combine medical apparatus for producing and processing images and advanced visual technologies used by electronic media. Leidloff explores the relationship between art and medical technology – the image on the retina, in memory, in language and on material carriers. Science is presented as a model open to alternative approaches to special fields of research. The events document and connect snapshots of dialogues of participants, they also organize exhibitions, lectures, video conferences and debates.
    A new form of the mis-en-scene is designed to counter the ongoing fragmentation of scientific research and also to question common practices of the visual arts.

    Galleries, museums and universities in Europe and the U.S. have exhibited Gabriele Leidloff’s installations, among them the Museum for Contemporary Art | ZKM Karlsruhe, the Berlin Academy of Arts, Martin-Gropius-Bau, Georg Kolbe Museum, Goethe-Institut Berlin, Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin, National Centre for Contemporary Arts Moscow, Yale University Digital Media Center for the Arts, Columbia University, New School University and New York University Faculty of Arts and Science.
    Reviews and essays on her art have been published in numerous books, such as Video, ergo sum, video cult/ures, Theater der Natur und Kunst, Bild und Einbildungskraft, as well as in catalogues and magazines, e.g. Kunstforum, CIRCA, Gehirn&Geist, Deutschland and NY Arts. Gabriele Leidloff lives in Berlin.

    (…) Though starting from the point of diagnostics the aesthetic content largely resides in the editing processes undertaken by the artist.

    The digital-video installation In Pursuit follows the principle of eye-tracking, and is distinct from earlier installations of the work where monitors were used. Using her own eye she seeks to escape the track as followed. This in turn generates a curious effect creating a sense of anxiety in the viewer, not least because of the concentration on the eyeball which at time is reminiscent of Bunuel’s famous eyeball in Un Chien Andalou just prior to its being incised. The machine used is from the Center of Human-Machine-Systems and stresses the immediacy of technical engagement on the one hand, but the ‘escaping eye’ as the source of artistic perception on the other. We are again brought to realise the close relations of art and science. In this respect the scientist and the artist share a singular compulsion, a fascination with the nature of the ‘gaze’, be it a microscopic act of looking, or looking as read through the advanced technologies of brain scanning, CAT-scan, the computer screen, or the artistic obsession with looking at the world – pointing to different ends they nonetheless share the same set of concerns.
    The eye-scanning project while it is technical also opens up issues of staged perceptions that have always interested the artist. (…)

    - Extract from essay by Mark Gisbourne

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MOMENTUM | Collection

Momentum Worldwide Plus

The MOMENTUM Collection is a growing collection of international video art comprising the best and brightest artists we have shown and collaborated with worldwide. The Collection represents a cross-section of digital artworks at the top of the field.

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The MOMENTUM Collection is a growing collection of international video art comprising the best and brightest artists we have shown and collaborated with worldwide. The Collection represents a cross-section of digital artworks at the top of the field. It ranges from some of the most established to emerging video artists, including work from Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Puerto Rico, Finland, the US, the UK, Bulgaria, Turkey, and Germany. The works in the Collection have been generously donated by the artists to support MOMENTUM, as we are a non-profit organization. In turn, MOMENTUM is committed to supporting our collaborating artists by exhibiting and promoting the Collection internationally and making it available on our website as a resource to inform and inspire the public and art professionals alike.

The Collection is being used in educational curriculums, and is available as a resource to interested individuals and institutions. Furthering MOMENTUM’s mission to promote the sharing and exchange of resources, the Collection has toured through Berlin and Venice at the time of the Venice Biennale (2011), and in 2012 was screened in Jerusalem in a public art festival, on a public art screen in Berlin, and was presented in select international art events.

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