1. Bright Collisions is TodaysArt’s international Summit dedicated to creativity and society, a meeting point with a cross sector focus aimed to promote transdisciplinary talent, ideas and opportunities.

    Bright Collisions refers to a specific moment in time in which people from usually disconnected backgrounds come together out of either necessity or curiosity. The main idea of the Summit lies in its paradoxical title. These collisions, either directed especially for this Summit or displayed, can contribute to developing a greater understanding of, or initiating alternate perspectives on, a range of contemporary and urgent topics in society.

    Some of the world’s leading thinkers and practitioners meet, discuss current developments and urgent issues, present challenging ideas and foster holistic approaches in several programs. The Summit features several programs staged in collaboration with many partners and networks, including ‘Sensory Experience’, ‘Ubiquitous Art and Sound’, ‘Failed Architecture’, ‘Tools for an Unknown Future’, ‘Moon-Mars Exploration through Arts, Science and Innovation’ (organized by the European Space Agency), ‘Expulsions’ and ‘TodaysArt Network’.

    Creative experts, policy makers, technologists, entrepreneurs, artists, companies and researchers from various backgrounds will look at what creative solutions can contribute to society in a time when the forms, values and relations of technology, media and social structures are changing, intertwining and exerting forces on each other. Available knowledge is reconfigured to facilitate our interaction with the world of today and tomorrow. In order to create a cohesive view on these developments, the topics are approached from various scientific, social, historical, futuristic and artistic perspectives on both a practical as well as a theoretical level.


    Ubiquitous Art and Sound
    Arthur I. Miller | Frances Crow - Liminal | Jan Edler + Tim Edler - realities:united | Joris Hoogeboom + Teun Verkerk - Buqs | Mark Bain | Noemi Schipfer + Takami Nakamoto - NONOTAK

    Sensory Experience
    Beer van Geer - Universal Mediaman | Chris Salter - Hexagram Concordia Centre for Research | Jonathan Reus - iii | Yota Morimoto

    Failed Architecture
    Elena Cabrera Vacas | Thimo de Nijs

    ESA: Moon-Mars Exploration through Arts, Science and Innovation
    Bernard Foing - European Space Agency | Christian Waldvogel | Hans van ’t Woud - Cerberusgame | Irene Lia Schlacht | Marit Mihklepp - ArtScience Interfaculty | Rob La Frenais

    Tools for an Unknown Future
    Daito Manabe | Donal van Dansik | Frederik de Wilde | Tom Higham - FutureEverything | Tom Klinkowstein - Media A

    Pedro Gadanho - MoMA New York | Saskia Sassen

    TodaysArt Network
    Aleksandra Danilova - Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts | Gwyneth Wentink - TodaysArt.in | Ivan Antonov - TodaysArt.ru | Jarl Schulp - FIBER | Josue Ibañez - COCOLAB | Masaaki Ishizaki – TodaysArt.jp / Underground Gallery

    + many others


    Wednesday 24 September
    10:00 - 18:00
    Ubiquitous Art and Sound
    Sensory Experience
    Failed Architecture

    Thursday 25 September
    ESA: Moon-Mars Exploration through Arts, Science and Innovation
    Tools for an Unknown Future

    Saturday 27 September
    TodaysArt Network


    Three-day tickets and day tickets for the Summit are available online. Summit Tickets will also be available at the entrance of the venue during opening times. The Summit is not accessible with Festival tickets except for Festival Support tickets.



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  2. “Daydreaming is an uncensored exploration, without controlling it, of ideas and emotions. Often, the best ideas, come from those moments when you’re not trying.” Maira Kalman

    For the first time in 14 years, OFFF director Héctor Ayuso directs OFFF Mexico Open Titles in collaboration with Barcelona based Outro Studio.

    All those moving images that we receive once we close our eyes or daydream are images that we have captured all along our life. They are part of our life and a reason to turn on our creativity. Without the audience and the team, OFFF Festival wouldn't have been completed.

    Shot with a dragon red 6K, this short film showcases Héctor's interest in Carl Gustav Jung’s analysis and studies on dreams and the subconscious and the important meaning behind them.

    A Film by Héctor Ayuso
    Directed by Héctor Ayuso & Marc Castellví
    Edited & Colored by Outro Studio
    Art Direction by Outro Studio
    Assistant Director: Eme Gómez
    DOP: Javi Arrontes
    Music & Sound Design: Ben Lukas Boysen
    Making off: Enrique Moreno
    Production & Logistics: Judit Farré
    Camera Assistant: Pablo López
    Gaffer: Enric Miranda
    Snake by Animals on Films
    Catering: Mireia Anglada
    Featuring: Nathalie Koutia, Adrià Lapiedra, Cosmoswingers, Paula Rufi, Gal·la Pascual, David Vera, Ernest Fàbrega, Teresa Serradell, Jordi Vinyals, Felipe de Leonardo, Laura Farré, Joan Scufesis, Cristina Moya and "Perlita" the dog
    No animals were harmed on this film
    Special Thanks to Josué Ibáñez, Alejandro Machorro, Nathalie Koutia, Ash Thorp, Carl Gustav Jung, Harmony Korine, Jordi Vinyals, David Vera, Paula Rufi, Lia de Castro, Felipe de Leonardo, Perlita de Castro Varela, Anna, Núria & Neus


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  3. "The Umwelt", Is it possible to define the merging point between design and technology?
    In semiotics; the German word: Umwelt defines the perceptual world in which an organism exists and acts as a subject. It defines how we experience our world by perceiving data as signs.

    Offf Mexico 2014 Main Titles presents the future of design industry where for the first time we designers use the information and data retrieved from our technological "Umwelt" to alter and control an object's physicality and materiality.

    Design & Animation: Kultnation
    Music & Sound Design: Audionerve

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  4. 'Meet Your Creator' performance in Cannes, June 2012.

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  5. The installation “Mirage” uses principles from optics (astronomy/telescopes) and artificial neural network research to form a projection apparatus. Mirage generates a synthesised landscape based on its perception through a fluxgate magnetometer (Förster Sonde). A fluxgate magnetometer registers the magnetic field of the earth which is dependent on the suns activity and feeds it into a unsupervised learning algorithm for analyzation. At the same time the algorithm, that is based on the principle of a helmholz machine, “hallucinates” variations of the previously analyzed signal.
    This variations are translated into a two dimensional matrix that physically transforms a thin mirror sheet by 48 muscle wire actors. The surface of the mirror sheet changes analog to the systems state. A thin laser line is directed on the mirror surface in a acute angle to generate a depth landscape like projection on the wall. Through the constant shifting signals the projection resembles a subliminal wandering through a landscape.
    In 2013 Geoff Hinton, one of the leading researchers in the area of artificial neural networks and deep learning, joined Google to support them on various products that use AI and learning algorithms. He introduced back-propagation algorithms for training muli-layerd neural networks. One of his contributions to the field of unsupervised learing algorithms is the so called “Helmholtz Machine”, a machine which uses the principle of a wake-sleep-algorithm to consolidate its neural network. The alogrithm is trained during the wake phase by sensory input. In the sleep-phase it cuts-off its sensory input and feeds the network backwards with random patterns. On its input layer it generates versions of is previously perceived images of the world.
    I am speculating that the computers in the enormous Google data-centers cut off their perception (search queries, user behaviour, speech regognition, image data) once a day and start to “sleep”. What do their “dreams” look like?

    Ralf Baecker, 2014

    Produced by LEAP Gallery, Berlin

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Josue Ibanez Plus

Is about interaction, installation, generative code, motion design and sometimes travel.


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