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  1. Thousands of students in China celebrate, after rolling up their sleeves and setting a world record for the biggest finger painting ever created.

    More than two-thousand people contributed to the painting as part of an environment protection campaign in Beijing. The painting-- which features blue sky, green trees and clear water, measures nearly 30 square meters. The painting was done on cloth and will be turned into a huge environmental protection bag which will be showcased in 15 cities. Organized by the National Women's Federation and other groups, the project aims to encourage women and their families to adopt a cleaner lifestyle.

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  2. Now to China for this story. A 21-year old girl has been reunited with her right hand which was cut into pieces several days ago. Seeing these incredible images show how tricky this operation really was!

    Ten doctors in a hospital in China's eastern Jiangsu Province, worked for 15 hours to successfully piece together the hand. It was cut into 13 pieces on April 21 as the girl was working at a factory. Four fingers of her hand were completely disconnected, with each cut into two to three pieces.

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  3. A video posted this week on social media websites has taken the world by storm. This clip shows the moment when an elderly gentleman survives being hit by a train. The incident which happened in the Czech Republic was caught on CCTV.

    The impatient 77-year-old is walking down the street but is stopped by a rail crossing barrier. Initially he waits for around 20 seconds but as he sees no train, he tries his luck and power-walks across the tracks. He is caught by the oncoming train which knocks his shoe 20 feet into the air. Incredibly the man had a narrow escape.

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  4. Students at university of Liverpool have built a bicycle that looks like a capsule pill.This bizarre capsule is a bicycle and it’s called Arion-one Velocipede. It has a top speed of 145 kilometers per hour and generates enough power to light an average home. This strange design is in fact a pedal-powered bike enclosed in an aerodynamic carbon fiber shell. Students at University of Liverpool hope to break the fastest record set by a Dutch team back in 2012. Arion-one will be tested at the World Human Power Speed Challenge in the United States in September 2015.

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  5. Once again, French climber Alain Robert is getting ready to crawl up another tall building, this time in China.

    Robert, who is also known as the French Spiderman, is set to climb the one-hundred and fifty three meter tall Galaxy Hotel in the Chinese city of Macao. Depending on calm weather conditions, Robert's climb is predicted to last forty-five minutes. Even if it rains on Wednesday, he says he will press on with the climb. Robert is famous for scaling the world's tallest skyscrapers with no safety equipment. He only has a small bag of chalk and climbing shoes. The French Spiderman has no means of quitting his challenges anytime soon.

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