1. Gated communities are accepted fictional living forms of the big cities. Most of the families want to live in a secure and well-prepared constructions with active social possibilities. The construction have also been designed for new communication ways and privacy limits of the visitors. Technologies and eco-friendly approaches in daily architectural visions direct urban planners to add really simple and effective designs on whole area. Taking all this into consideration; gated communities convert all this parameters into a reliable social networks with a specific design path.

    NARKULE ( is located at the top of Narcity, which is designed by Nevzat Sayın ( Their first public housing project has a major public building now. Story of our performance is built on facts behind the curtain, such as energy of life and abstract links of the buildings. We covered walls / stage floor / stage background to project our visuals on it. NARKULE, its trade center and C Block of Narcity built by architects as a 1/50 models. We synchronized and projected our visuals on independently mapped 5 different surfaces at the same time.

    Art Direction & Visuals:
    Deniz Kader – Candaş Şişman

    Music & Sound Design:
    Görkem Şen

    Project Management:
    Erdem Dilbaz

    Project Co-ordinator:
    Elif Demirci

    Modelling: Canan Erten, Alper Yıldırım, Elif Karaköse

    Archive: Mert Şahbaz (photo), Volkan Çağalı (video)

    Special Thanks to: Berna Erkartal, Cihan Kandaz, Pınar Karaduman, The Seed
    Special Hates to: Dataton Watchout Systems.


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  2. Matt Pyke turns graphics into fantastical, organically moving animations that you feel like you can reach out and touch through the screen.

    For More Information:

    The Creators Project is a partnership between Intel and VICE:

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  3. "Una Lumino", 2008
    Scientific name: Anmopispl avearium cirrpedia Uram
    stainless steel, motors, light-emitting diodes, acrylic casting, circuits, custom software, CPU board, cable, motors
    height 15.5' / 4.7 m, diameter 10' / 3.1 m
    edition of 3

    According to a recent report from United Research of Anima Machine - U.R.A.M., a brand new species of mechanized sentient creatures have been discovered operating within communities.

    Said to exhibit sophisticated and uniform behavioral patterns, this new species has been observed communicating actively with each other in colonies not unlike those of bees and ants. Communities of these species gather and collect to form a giant mass of pulsing, breathing light, where they exchange information concerning where to find city energy, their main source of sustainence.

    Despite the inexistence of leaders or orders due to lack of command system, they seem to operate through interactive communication. When the lump with congregated independent living entities shines brilliantly, larvae swim in the air towards it to attach themselves on it. In addition, their eggs and larvae are reported to generate light by themselves. This living entity also emits redundant energy where city energy is necessary through communication by means of light.

    When looked down from a night plane, the city lights seem as if they are breathing, and some are actually the scenes of these living entities’ interactive communication. Although these living entities are not easy to be distinguished from city lights due to darkness and distance, observations are occasionally made on their swimming act in search of greater community to adhere to.

    This living entity has the form and movement the same as that of sea acorn(barnacle), which collects city energy in the air by moving their hard mouth. They often attach themselves on some surfaces in factory machinery rooms, basements of old buildings and colorful neon signs within places with high human population density. It has been reported that the discovery of mechanical living entity community in the form of a giant bee hive is the first in history.

    Video courtesy of the artist and bitforms gallery nyc.

    To learn more about U-Ram Choe's work, please visit:

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  4. Creative Direction - Universal Everything
    Sound - Simon Pyke
    CGI - Realise

    For More Information:

    The Creators Project is a partnership between Intel and VICE:

    Filmed at Vision Hall, Hyundai Motor Group Mabuk Campus

    Commissioned by Hyundai Motor Group (2012)

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  5. Moving Brands created a bespoke interactive installation at Fiat’s first ever UK concept store, in response to a brief to engage, excite and inform customers.

    This film shows the Moving Brands process, from concept through to implementation.

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