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From the album Transcendental Youth, out October 2, 2012 on Merge Records.

Production Company: Elkcreek Cinema

CAST (In Order of Appearance):
Eva: Rebecca Cas Sutton
Father: Peter Hughes
Mother: Sarah Elle
Toby: Julia Rose Duray
Eric: Jake DeNicola
Ex: Jon Wurster
Ben: Dan Rochmis
Victim: John Darnielle
Neighbors: Martha Van Burek, Sue Dapkins, Tjalling Heyning, Lannie Harrison, Lynn Fischer, Ken & Linda Jaffe, Alina Miglietta, Nita Rae, Marje Duray, Otelia Blu, Bob Rosen.
Rat: Toby the rat

Writer / Director: Carlo Mirabella-Davis
Producer: Grant DeSimone
Executive Producers: Lindsey Kronmiller, Adam Jackson, Alyson West
Director of Photography: Peter O’Leary
Editor: Nick August-Perna
Production Designer / Costume Designer: Sara K White
AC: Brian Leisring
Art Department: Melissa Loyola
Production Coordinator: Bella Mirabella
Script Supervisor / Make-up: Sara Colangelo
Production Dept. / Truck Driver: Doug McCafferty
Gaffer: Grant DeSimone
Grips: Dan Rochmis, Jake DeNicola
Catering: Lennard J. Davis, Bella Mirabella
Location Provided by: The West Kortright Centre

POST (Co3):
Executive Post Producer: Marie Deleon
Post Producers: Katherine Andrews, Bernice Veloz, Tara Dowd
Colorist: Jamie Obradovich
Special Thanks to: Alyson West, Martha Van Burek, Tjalling Heyning, Nita Rae, Marje Duray, Grant DeSimone, Bob Borow, Allison Twardziak, Leah Meyerhoff, Chris Dapkins, Bella Mirabella, Lennard J. Davis, Marie Deleon, Jamie Obradovich, Co3, Kent Gardner, Richard Kathmann, Nick August-Perna, Sara Colangelo, Krystal Moody, The DeNicola family, Linda & Ken Jaffe, Valerie & Jake Jaffe, Neil & Susan
Rochmis, Ken Mercadante, John Miglietta, Sara K White.

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  • Dodo magazine

    "The Greatest Shop of Secrets in Abrantes"
    A project made with no budget to help bring people to an old Portuguese shop.

    by Dodo magazine

  • Dirk Koy

    dear vimeo-team

    first of all many thanks for your great site and all your great work!
    my name is dirk koy and i am a grafik/motion designer based in basel, switzerland.

    the reason because i am writing you is the staff pick of ryan fox.

    last year i got the chance to produce a musicvideo for boris blank (yello).
    his track is called «the time tunnel». i experimented a lot till i came up with
    the idea to put a camera (go pro) on a car wheel (the footage looked like a
    «time tunnel»). i started to do a lot of tests in the night and at daylight.
    after days i figured out that when i drive exact 93 km/h the rotation of the wheel
    is sync to the cameras shutter speed. the movie seems to stand still. because of
    the fast rotation and the fact that the camera writes every single picture in
    lines the picture gets distorted.

    i was blown away by this and was sure i have never seen it before the
    analog way like that.

    i started to drive arround with two gopros (left and right back wheel). i was
    afraid of the cameras could drop off… especially on the highway when i
    drove 140 km/h. at the end i had about 16 hours of material and i started to
    find the right pieces for the different parts of the music.

    the whole process took me about two months. six months ago i uploaded it to vimeo:

    ...and the work was shown at the festival vienna independent shorts in may 2014.

    i presented the work five times in your staffpick shoutbox but had no success.

    one week ago ryan fox put this testvideo on vimeo and got more than 1million plays.

    i commented on his video 4 times with a link to mine but he deleted it.

    i felt sooo disappointed!

    from now on every one who see my video will think that ryan fox already did it.

    developping special ideas is very hard and its even harder to earn money with it.
    so one of the only thing you can get is appreciation. and if also this is taken you away…….

    I would be very grateful if you could help me also to push «the time tunnel» video.

    again thanks a lot for your great work!


    by Dirk Koy

  • Abbas Toumert

    Performance art in Paris :

    by Abbas Toumert

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