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I have a passion for creating engaging, effective and exciting content across digital animation and motion design. It is a fantastic medium to work with due to it’s limitless potential to express ideas and can be rendered in a variety of styles.

Since gaining a First Class degree in Digital Animation, I have been based in London gaining experience and work across animation and motion graphics. I mainly use Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash and After Effects when creating animations. I also have a good working knowledge of 3D software. I enjoy the whole process of animation – from coming up with ideas, designing and storyboarding, through animation production, to compositing and editing.

If you require a video to help tell your story, inform us of your idea, business or product please get in touch via my contact page. Likewise, if you are a studio looking for freelancers then I would be more then happy to help out in any of the following capacities: Designer / Motion Designer / Animator / Compositor / Editor.

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