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Escape is dedicated to organize outdoor adventures activities, tours & leisure experiences for all Gran Canaria tourist visitors

We organize & promote our own excursions, adventures, activities and tours for couples, families and corporate groups & summer camps

Also Escape its an Official Online Bureau who organize and promote only the best activities together with other companies in order to gives to you the best services & the best prices

We organize your leisure time in Gran Canaria.

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  • Animal encounters Gran Canaria - Animal Encounters is a fun and exciting way for the whole family to get up close and personal with animals in a fun and safe environments. (Gran Canaria Excursions) ..................................... Sightseeing, tours & attractions ..................
  • Charly Deals - s the most popular and well know tourist guide of Gran Canaria. Born in Madrid, living in Gran Canaria the last 25 years. Charly, is extremely funny and knowledgeable in a plenty number of stories about the island, its people and their customs. Today,Charl
  • Buggy Safari Gran Canaria - Enjoy an incredible journey through the rocky mountains of Gran Canaria. Drive your buggy over a variety of terrain and enjoy incredible views of the island, mountains, and volcano on this off-road adventure! Have lunch in the stunning Valley of Fataga.


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