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Chase Loren Nelson Webb (Born July 20th, 1991 in Dayton, Ohio) is an American actor, rapper, singer & business owner of ( ) So far this entrepreneur has released one official mixtape 12/07/2011 titled "I'm so Lame" and has a second mixtape "Don't Think Just Feel" scheduled to drop 02/28/2012. Plans for a 3rd tape are in motion.

The young vocalist has been submerged in the creation of music since the age of four. His father (Gerald Webb) was a local DJ talent spinning records back in 1993 in the area of Dayton. He grew up in several professional studio settings his entire life that Gerald had constructed. Collaborating and creating projects in his father's spare time, he was educated on the topic of music production and took what he could grasp along the way. During his learning curb he developed a deep and conscious understanding for poetry. At age 11, he began to write songs. At 12; he took drum lessons for 2 years at the Dayton Art Institue, which led him to join the school band. Eventually Chase grew bored of percussion and picked up a trumpet in 6th grade. He played for a year and quickly forgot about the brass family. At 15; going into his freshman year, Chase lost his youngest brother Jayden Webb of 3 to a tragic accident. Chase did not write another song or poem until age 17.

He was a graduate of Center Grove High School in Greenwood, Indiana in 2010. Upon graduation Chase attended Fortis College of Nursing in Dayton, Ohio for 8 months. Never forgetting about his deep passion for music, he finally realized the medical field wasn't for him. He is now risking everything in his life he holds dear for a career in the music industry. Will you walk with Chase Webb?

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