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Scarborough, North Yorkshire, UK

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I'm Steve.
I run Chasing Trails, a mountain bike coaching & guiding company. It's awesome to show people the outdoors & give them the MTB skills to have more fun. Enjoy the outside, however you choose to do it!
I always thought I'd get a GoPro or similar ages ago but only just got round to it (July 2014), so there may be something to see in the near future!
I do some youth work for a local church & detached youth work sessions for Sidewalk, a charity in Scarborough.

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  • - mountain bike skills coaching & guiding. Maintenance & wheel building tuition
  • facebook - Chasing Trails news & posts about random MTB related stuff.
  • tweets - MTB, cycling & other stuff. Chasing Trails is me, so tweets could be said to be a mixture of 'official' & not... Should be obvious which is which!
  • Google+ - still getting used to this but it's growing on me...
  • instagram - just somewhere I post photos I take if I think people might like them. Mostly taken by smartphone, some MTB, some random, some lizards...
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