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At a crossroads, one fateful night, Matt Edwards called the Devil’s bluff and went all in. He’s played a few good hands. This was to be his last. It’s not gambling when you know you’re going to win. Carved by the streets of Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg, he occasionally misses his girlfriend and looks at himself in the mirror. It’s funny how it’s easier to pull a trigger than to play a guitar – easier to destroy than to create. Instilled with a vigorous desire to aid mankind, Matt has devoted his life to beauty. The aesthetically challenged are forever indebted to the troubled mind that brightens this dull day. Sometimes he feels ill. Sometimes he doesn’t. His relentless pursuit for intellectual fortune never wavers. A heart as pure as to not be corrupted by the hedonistic exploits of industry-peers is worth its weight in gold. A vessel with no anchor is forced to sail the treacherous seas. A tree with strong roots stands tall. Matt Edwards is both a mystery and an open book. A cornerstone and a grain of sand. He’s never wondered why it’s called ‘the present’. He always finishes his pints. After beating the hellish system at it’s own game, Matt is now a free man, enjoying his freedom.

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