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  1. 04:46

    1980 P.M.Magazine "Coupon Queen" Vintage Videos

    by Cheryl Shuman

    2 Videos

    I began my career fresh out of high school when I was discovered and dubbed "The Coupon Queen". This discovery lead to a three year run with P.M. Magazine. I was the youngest of several…

  2. 00:37

    Jimmy Kimmel Questions President Obama About Medical Marijuana Crackdown at Whitehouse Dinner.

    by Cheryl Shuman

    1 Video

    Check out this video and share with your friends :) Best, Cheryl Shuman Beverly Hills Cannabis Club www.BeverlyHillsCannabisClub.com About Cheryl Shuman: Referred to as the "Martha…

  3. 05:18

    High Times Cannabis Cup Videos - Cheryl Shuman - Green Asset International Inc.

    by Cheryl Shuman

    0 Videos

    ‎(1 of 30) Video Blog from the 2012 High Times Cannabis Cup in Los Angeles. This was my very first time attending a High Times Cannabis Cup. The High Times team was kind to send me two complimentary…

  4. 00:00

    "E" Entertainment Television - Cheryl Shuman "Optician to the Stars"

    by Cheryl Shuman

    1 Video

    Hello Friends :) I was going through some of my old videos and found this one from 1994 on "E" Entertainment. At the time, I was under contract with virtually every film studio, television…

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