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Who is Chibi Moku? We are the darndest hard workin’ little cinematography duo in the world. When people ask us if we like what we do, we tell them that we can’t even imagine a better job! We travel all over the world (and when in the US, out of our RV) capturing content for architects, interior designers, & out-of-the-box thinkin' property owners. We edit & live off the grid as sustainable as possible. Our love for our little company is only exceeded by our love for each other (and our kitty who travels with us)…so everything we do is done with passion!

✈ What do we do? We drive our little RV & fly all over the world filming the best: ✈

✫ Architecture
✫ Interior Design
✫ Landscape Design
✫ Architecture & Design Products

Want us to film for you? We have now moved from Osaka, Japan to San Francisco, California.

If you want to network with us, we will always accept! Especially architecture & design professionals.

☮ ☮ ☮ See our 2014 world schedule to see when we will be in your area below ☮ ☮ ☮

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