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CHICAGO TO CORONADO is the first Digital Soap Opera, delivered 140 characters at a time by a cast of seven characters.

The storyline follows a culturally-challenged Chicago to Coronado transplant – a former Prada-heeled agency CEO, Economic Club of Chicago member and Entrepreneur Magazine writer forced into flipflops. Coronado is like Pleasantville. It rarely rains on the 7.4 square mile Island. Firemen still save cats, the Coronado Islander football team nearly always wins, only 4 registered sex offenders among the 20k city residents. From the Hotel del Coronado and the little flower lady perched in City Square….to the Navy SEALS training grounds, the politics of a city represented by a Federal Lobbyist Firm, and the 2.2 mile long Bay Bridge ranked the 3rd deadliest suicide bridge in the U.S…..Coronado makes for a quirky setting. The book’s protagonist muses about the misfortune met by Chicago men who helped commercialize Coronado Island -- from Hampton Story (the Chicago man who first purchased the Island and built the Hotel Del) to Larry Lawrence (one of the leading advocates for the Bridge connecting the Island to the mainland).

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