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The RAP game is flooded with artists who claim to change the game, but West Michigan raised Chilla Pertilla really did just that. This 28 year old northern rap legend flipped the game when he started EMAG records (EMAG is game spelled backwards) in Jan, 1997. EMAG RECORDS successfully landed Chilla a debut on the platinum South West Riders double CD (jive/zomba) thanks to long time friend and mentor E-40.

No he’s not some black mobster from the Southside of Chicago, but he does carry his family name Pertilla like a badge of honor. The Pertilla family originates from Americus, Tifton, and Eastman GA, so the CEO of legendary indie rap label EMAG RECORDS has that Georgia boi essence drippin from his soul; yet his swagga is 100% up north slums. From the Ghetto boys to Young Buck Chilla has opened up for just about every one in the game. Chilla is one of West Michigan most requested act, yet Chilla with a cool head keep his work moving from Atlanta to Detroit with stops in the Chi on they way.

Mr. Pertilla Brings more than just raw talent to the game, production skills, graphic design, organizational skills, and pure desire to succeed put Chilla in a class by himself. As president of newly formed EMAG MEDIA GROUP Corey ”Chiila Pertilla” Blackman has a support group of super talented MC’s and producers that more like the Michigan Militia than an humble entertainment company. “I under stand what it take to get into the game, theirs a certain level of dedication you have to have. Like I use to be in the clubs in Atlanta wit Bo Hagen from BME and City from Slip&Slide and you got to have that 2 shows a day work ethic” as Chilla puts it.

Chilla is also very involved in street and print promotions. Young pert started at www. The groove (nominated best online magazine 1998) online mag as a designer in 1998 then went on to do some promo work for CWOL records (C-BO). From that point Chilla went on to work for phoenix base Xpoz magazine which enabled The Chilla to make his west Michigan classic Streets Live 2005 DVD feature 25 of the games top artist from 50 cent to Ludicrous.

The West coast of the Mittin is the last frontier of hip-hop with only artist like La the Darkman (WU-TANG) and new Atlantic inductee Willie the Kid and Chilla Pertilla as the only ones to peak there heads out of the great lakes, Chilla knows what he has in store and is loving every minute of it.

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