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紀柏豪,1989年生於臺灣臺北。臺大經濟學系、倫敦大學金匠學院音樂碩士。擅長電子曲風與合成器使用,作品類型包含流行詞曲、影視配樂、聲音設計和互動影音。大學時曾籌組樂團於台灣各地展演空間、音樂活動演出;當兵時意外接觸聲音藝術領域,對音景研究、電子原聲與噪音等跨越傳統思維的創作形式感到好奇。留學期間師事Patricia Alessandrini,主修程式音樂。曾入選國藝會「海外藝遊」、雲門舞集「流浪者計劃」以及荷蘭V2動態媒體中心駐村。期待能專注於聆聽,在聽見與不被聽見的事件中,持續探索聲音的可能性。

Chi Po-Hao is a Taiwan based sound artist, born in Taipei, Taiwan in 1989. Finishing his Bachelors Degree in Economics at National Taiwan University and Master Degree in Studio Composition at Goldsmiths College, University of London. Recently he has become interested in sound synthesis and generative music, especially audio feedback and transformations. With different projects in the forms of both installation and performance, he continues his quest to discover the possibilities of sound through various approaches.

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