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Los Angeles based Feature Film & Television Writer-Director Christopher Erskin began his career as a filmmaker at the early age of 9, by writing and directing home movie-shorts influenced by the works of Steven Spielberg and George Lucas. In 1996, Erskin began his professional career directing music videos, with credits ranging from R.Kelly and T-Boz(of TLC) to Boyz II Men and Teddy Riley's Blackstreet. Erskin became known across the industry for having a unique aesthetic vision and ability to capture the spirit of the MTV music artist. In 2001, Erskin was nominated for an MTV Music Video and NAACP Image Award for the R.Kelly "I Wish" video. On February 8, 2001 Erskin received the NAACP Best Director Image Award for his R. Kelly "I Wish" video. Erskin continued to make a name for himself with high concept commercials, where some of his work includes Pontiac, Athletes Foot , Tide along with an international Penshoppe clothing commercial for the Asia market starring actress-singer Mandy Moore. In 2004, Erskin made his feature film directorial debut with the hit family comedy JOHNSON FAMILY VACATION, starring Cedric The Entertainer, Bow Wow & Vanessa Williams.

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