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Adelaide, South Australia

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I offer the following professional services in Adelaide, South Australia

Invigorate your business - Invite me to demonstrate how Social/ Digital Media can invigorate your business, by connecting your team of people with those who patronize your product or service.

Learn how to be awesome in the eyes of your customers - Research shows: it is a waste of precious resources to chase new customers. Be awesome to your existing customers, if they love you and your offerings, research shows that their immediate social circle will dig you also, so it makes sense to connect into those circles!

Build a welcoming web presence, just like you would your own home - Corporate sites are dead, because they offer no engagement. Customers want the information to come to them, they want you to help and inspire them where they hang out. I will build you a hub and spoke model, whereby customer engagement (and even sales) happen at their place and the sweet stuff resides at your comfy place.

Use Video to show off your people and your offerings - Learn how to optimize your visuals for optimal quality and speed. Learn how to use worldwide delivery networks to ensure awesome customer experience. We can track the impact and reach of your visuals for the whole journey!

Save heaps, by working in the cloud - Forget Microsoft, Servers, Tech support, external hard drives....I can show you how to slash costs by working in a seamless online environment....worry free.

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