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A high degree of organization and a "can-do" spirit have been my hallmark credentials throughout my career. I am a tireless worker who excels in the details. I hold myself to high standards and I expect the same of those who work with me. But notice that I say "with" me and not "for" me. I strongly believe in a collaborative production experience where team members have a voice and sense of ownership. It is through this approach that I believe excellence is achieved and people are motivated to produce.

As a network director with high-profile shows, I have led large teams of production personnel throughout the production process - helping to design stimulating shows, directing talent and executing under extreme pressure on-time and under-budget.

As Senior Show Producer for America's Most Wanted I have worn several hats concurrently, serving as Studio Director (even helping to design a new television studio crime center) and in the field, working extensively with talent and crew. I have led our team of editors, graphic artists, and producers for 600+ shows for AMW, crafting compelling stories and show looks, utilizing innovative new technologies for field and post-production, all while building energetic teams that ENJOY working with each other to create compelling television.

As Director for Fox News Sunday, I helped launch the first-ever live network news talk show for the fledgling Fox News network. I excelled at delivering the show in a live, high-pressure environment (something I thrive on).

Additionally, for the last eleven years I have served as Director for the National Association of Police Organizations' TOP COPS Awards Show at the Warner Theater in Washington, DC. In this capacity I have had the distinction of working with top industry and entertainment talent, including President Bill Clinton, James Earl Jones, and Harvey Keitel to name a few.

My work approach has always included pre-show rehearsals/run-throughs, site surveys, and consultation with producers and executives to make sure that all production needs are met prior to shooting. I have spent countless hours in the editing suites overseeing the completion of the shows, even editing show content myself.


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