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Chris Marcus is a bi-coastal talent; a director of photography, motion graphics artist and editor flourishing in both New York City and Los Angeles. Hailing from the great state of Washington, he began a visual arts profession with the sale of his first piece, at age 11. Since then, the scope of his work has stretched across short films, documentaries, commercials, feature films and webisodes. With 20th Century Fox distributing his most recent feature film, I AM - a thoughtful reflection on contemporary faith - and his SNAP HAPPY iPhone app selling worldwide, his professional impact reaches an international scale. With vision and precision as his guidelines, and a universal likability to his style, he has also been commissioned to create, market and brand global products. His visual talent has taken him around the globe, and his influence has also been felt in Ethiopia, South Korea and Malawi. He is a business owner, a crew member, a developer and an innovator.

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