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To introduce myself, I’d say that a big part of me leaded by my extreme curiosity wants to explore the whole world while my inner self is deeply living in an imaginary parallel universe. I think that most of my inspiration comes from that paradox.

When I was young I started to experiment with my fathers vhs camera he had for our family, trying to capture and manipulate any kind of feeling I received from everything around me. That’s how I discovered all the power of images in motion, the power of artistic creation, of expressing myself and communicating personnal, abstract concepts to others in a playful way. I think that my need for film-making, photography, editing, philosophizing etc. is my weapon to confront the cynical world we live in. It gives me the opportunity to create beautiful new worlds and dimensions that only exist in my mind.

More importantly, working today as a film director gives me the opportuniy to meet new awesome people from around the world who share this common goal of creating art that may change someone else’s life. I firmly believe that films, music videos and even sometimes commercials can do that, directly or indirectly.

Christos Mavridis / filmmaker

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