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Experienced and creative TV producer. Has worked in television since 1994 including 13 years with the BBC. Holds an MA in Screenwriting, a BA (Hons) in Film and TV, and a BTEC in Design specialising in multimedia. Also completed a foundation in acting at the Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts, and two courses in playwriting at Birkbeck College. Majored in camera/lighting at film school, with minors in editing and sound.

Skills include live gallery and VT work, location filming, producing, scriptwriting and editing. Can cut on FCP, Avid, film and videotape. Extensive experience with high pressure broadcast environment. Has worked on location at major OBs and with small crews, also in live galleries, VT areas and busy newsrooms.

Main body of work has been in factual television, specifically news and sports programming, however was trained across all genres including documentary and narrative fiction.

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