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Los Angeles, California

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Chris was born in Salem, Oregon in 1982. While growing up he had a distinct fascination with art. He constantly painted and drew for fun and as he grew older he began to take it more seriously, producing a collection of classical style canvas paintings and still life drawings.
Chris enrolled into a media arts school at the age of 21 and during his academic career he broke boundaries and found ways to think outside the box. Four years later, after graduating from the Art Institute of Las Vegas with a Bachelors Degree in Media Arts and Animation his career quickly began. He found opportunities working for various local companies, editing video, doing simple motion graphics and special effects. Chris treats every project like it’s his first. He analyzes the message and brand and then looks for an opportunity to foster new concepts and design. Chris is equiped with the authority and the skills to lead company-wide marketing efforts and to set business priorities. Chris can help you drive growth strategies. Chris is always a pleasure to be around and he understands the importance of listening intently and communicating effectively.
Chris currently lives in beautiful Los Angeles, California with his dog Dutch. Chris likes to explore the great outdoors and enjoys nights out on the town.

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