Christian Labib

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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When I get asked what I actually do it's not that easy to give a specific answer. At the core of what I do I'm a sound designer and music composer. Over the last few years this has grown into more than just that.

In 2009 I got the chance to launch my own Tv program which imediately made me responsible for things I've never done before. Production and directing became second nature in this process. Of course I was also head of audio but it was this experience that led me into a whole new world of what I could do with sound. It gave me more creative freedom on what to build around the things I made. So far this has taken me on a trip which I hope will continue for many years.

Currently I'm also a student at the AHK Filmacademy as a sound designer. I believe the more knowledge I gain on sound the more I can use it to do great music and film projects that consists of the technology and creativity combined.

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