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  1. 01:25:07

    Kelsey (My Web Series)

    by Christina Raia

    13 Videos

    1st Season (10 episodes) of my critically acclaimed comedic web series I direct, & co-created with writer Kelsey Rauber.

  2. 01:00:48

    Summit (My Feature Film)

    by Christina Raia

    11 Videos

    Videos associated with my feature film Summit. Shot in January 2013, beginning festival submissions in Spring 2014. summitthemovie.com

  3. 01:03:56

    My Short Films

    by Christina Raia

    13 Videos

    My independently produced short films- all as writer, director & producer, on no-budget.

  4. 34:19

    Class Projects

    by Christina Raia

    7 Videos

    Made in classes while getting my Bachelors in Film Production & Studies

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