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DEADBUG is the collected works of Christopher Heary a London based artist who has Directed cutting edge aesthetics for commercials,brand identities,music video's and film. His portfolio includes projects for the worlds top agencies ,brands,recording artists and channels earning numerous awards and world wide exposure including feature films (Zombrex Dead Rising Sun) to music Promo's for major global artists (Pharrel Williams-Happy) Fashion brands (Launching Victoria Secrets summer Campaign),Iconic Ads (Nike) and high rated Television Series,RTS award winning series (BBC's Bizarre E.R). A background in Film making has helped develop a confident visual edge and a distinctive Style that steers away from tired Graffic approaches that easily date and relies on strong characters instead of software packages.

His unrestricted creative vision has seen him forge a path from Music video and advertising work into long form directing . His projects have been show cased internationally in festivals including Raindance, LA Film Festival,Berlin International Film Festival, Manchester International ,Festival Asia TV&FILM & Toronto Film festival respectively as well as being featured in the Guardian,The Times, Q, NME publications,including winning an "Royal Television Society Award" for series he co-created and Directed "Bizarre ER" and his sitcom "The Mullet Man show" beating "The Simpsons" and Little Britain" for Best Sitcom in Metal Hammer Magazine .

He started his career as a musician/DJ, than began Directing Music videos,attracting early attention in the industry from his collaborations with West Coast rapper T.I and leading to work with Iron Maiden,N*E*R*D,Judas Priest & Mötley Crüe with striking grainy imagery,big bold close-ups.

His long form work includes ,BBC's "Bizarre ER" and the British cult Classic "The Mullet Man Show" & Film,working with CAPCOM on Japanese Director Keiji Inafune's Feature "Zombrex Dead Sun Rising". Christopher is currently represented in the UK by Irresistible Films.

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