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Chris Warren is a Los Angeles based Director of Photography. He received his Bachelor of Arts in Radio-TV-Film, with an emphasis on film production from California State University, Fullerton. It wasn't long before Chris began collaborating with distinguished and respected directors, creating an awareness of 'cinematic reality' by achieving precise artistic and technical decisions related to the image

Since graduating in 2009, he has shot several projects, including short films, web series, commercials, music videos, and independent features. He has also had the privilege of working with talent such as James Kyson (Heroes), Allison Scagliotti (Warehouse 13), Bridget Marquardt (Girls Next Door), Graham Beckel (LA Confidential), and NFL MVP Drew Brees.

As a cinematographer, he is always looking for a great story to bring to life. Chris's bodies of work include both film and HD digital formats. "Film has a distinct look and feel, I just love it. I'll shoot film any day, any time." When he's not the cinematographer on set, he continues to expand his knowledge by gaffing, or camera operating. Chris is currently in preproduction on the his next project, "Untitled" with director Chris Frint.

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"My main goal at the end of a movie is to feel like I've given the producer or director more than he or she expected without it costing them more."-Dean Cundey, ASC

"The ultimate goal of the Director of Photography is to create a rich and moving experience for an audience. There is no substitute for skill, experience, and taste." - John Schwartzman, ASC


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