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Hi everyone. Welcome to Chronica Music. Here you will find a show-reel of music produced, engineered, mixed/mastered, composed and co-written by London Based James Griffiths.

Composer for Film,TV, Commercial, Sound Design, Gaming

Producer of Hardcore/Metal, Post-Rock, Prog. Classical, Brassband, Pop/Rock, Contemporary.........Anything......

An exciting and bespoke catalogue of sync friendly and ball busting music of all genres. Showcasing James' compositions and his guild of professional recording musicians, designed to give the added sparkle/punch and personal touch to all recordings.

However big or small, I am always happy to work on recording projects of any genre.

I am experienced in composing music for synchronisation, some of which is from my former band, Orders of the British Empire, which I was one of two guitarists. These tracks I co-composed and co-produced.

I have Successful credits including:
The Drift Film Score
Henron Studios Christmas Special
Yahoo! sound Branding
Vans.TV Pass the Bucket Series Two Trailer

Secondly I am a producer, recording and mix/mastering engineer. As a professional musician (Principal Saxophonist/Principal Guitarist Coldstream Guards Band 11 years, and now assigned as Principal of the Band of HM Welsh Guards) with a Masters in Music Performance and Psychology, I have extensive knowledge in the stresses of excellence within music performance, and the ambition to achieve it. I enjoy working with the individual to help achieve their dream of creating an recording that is a true reflection of their creativity, whilst making the process relaxed and enjoyable.

Hope you enjoy, please do not hesitate to get in touch if you would like to ask me anything about the above, or are looking to work with me on your projects.

Turn it up to eleven....


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