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"I will not be just a tourist in the world of images, just watching images passing by which I cannot live in, make love to, possess as permanent sources of joy and ecstasy." - Anais Nin

“An image seen is a story being told, an insecurity being exposed, a self-intimacy connecting itself to the viewer. I capture the truths, those parts of ourselves we often hide from the world, and reveal the beauty within. I like to portray a cinematic, dark feel to my work, a voyeuristic captivated presence. I am honored to be able to present my subjects at their most intimate.” - Chryseis Dawn

Chryseis Dawn is a photographer, model, and actress. She first picked up a camera at an early age and, more often than not, turned it upon herself. Her love for photography and the art of capturing that perfect moment only intensified over time. Her work, whether of others or of herself, has been widely acclaimed and award-winning. Photographs by her have appeared in several publications and galleries, and she has attracted a devoted online following. Chryseis is known for her ability to capture the true self, the pure essence of her subject. Chryseis showcases her artistry in numerous styles and never likes to limit herself in expressive challenges. Most recently, Chryseis has added acting to her repertoire. She has appeared in numerous music videos and short films. She has been rewarded for her efforts with a few Best Actress Awards. Chryseis Dawn is a truly versatile, free-spirited artist who loves life as it is and is inspired by the musings of Thoreau and the writings of Anais Nin.

Chryseis, also known as Shakikai
28 Not 16.

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