ChuΩng (Chuong) Vo

Canberra, Australia

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My name is ChuΩng and I'm a filmmaker from Canberra, Australia.

My dream is to work with Gaga and the Haus. She always seem to bring the best out in people.

I'm always looking for new projects to work on, please contact me at for more info.


  1. Urtext Films
  2. Rob Munday
  3. Brian Van Peski
  4. Young Replicant
  5. alexandre moors
  6. Sebastian Chan
  7. Kasra Farahani
  8. Tomin
  9. Spy Films
  10. fonckfilms
  11. paul blair
  12. H1
  13. Hiro Murai
  14. Jess Hallay
  15. Andrew Penchuk
  16. Andre Surya
  17. TMRRW
  18. The Panda Rabbit

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