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  1. PDX Film Collective

    by Will Lewis joined

    8 Videos / 52 Members

    Official Vimeo group for the PDX Film Collective. The PDX Film Collective is a nonprofit group dedicated to the growth and development of film production in Portland, OR. Connecting filmmakers…

  2. Portland Oregon Videos | PDX Pipeline

    by PDX Pipeline joined

    1,088 Videos / 203 Members

    Videos around Portland Oregon. Videos in this group are sometimes put on PDX Pipeline web site. Credit and link is always given. In association with: PDXPipeline.com Twitter.com/PDXPipeline Facebook.com/PDXPipeline Flickr.com/groups/pdxpipeline

  3. FOOD

    by Divine Agency joined

    684 Videos / 248 Members


    by www.carlpendle.com joined

    440 Videos / 361 Members

    I'm trying to find the best of the best food videos on vimeo and invite anyone to submit their work. I love a good food video and I set up this group to showcase the many talented people on vimeo…

  5. Food Porn

    by Drew Falkman joined

    846 Videos / 415 Members

    The purpose of this group is to share videos that excite and titillate our senses...at least in regards to food.

  6. The Food Group

    by Maarten Toner joined

    2,515 Videos / 1,109 Members

    Food videos, showing how to prepare food or food info. What is health food, why do we need good food and how to prepare it in a tasty way.

  7. Foodie

    by Paul Holmes joined

    531 Videos / 182 Members

    A group for food lovers!

  8. Food and Restaurants

    by WorcesterScene.com joined

    2,002 Videos / 773 Members

    Anyone that enjoys eating food, or eating food in a great atmosphere. This group is not dedicated to the preparation and cooking of food. Just eating and enjoying!

  9. Handmade Doc

    by Victor Hansson joined

    177 Videos / 130 Members

    Documentaries about handmade stuff

  10. Made by Hands

    by Ruslan Golenkov joined

    138 Videos / 114 Members

  11. Handmade

    by Forrest O. joined

    486 Videos / 203 Members

    Handmade arts and crafts show-and-tell/howto/etc.

  12. Portland Oregon sights and sounds

    by brewcaster joined

    1,115 Videos / 244 Members

    Showcase anything and everything seen and heard in the greatest city of the USA.

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