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  1. HyperLapse

    by Mattia Bicchi Photography joined

    423 Videos / 386 Members

    This is the HyperLapse group.. made to share as much as possible this technique! Please do not post test shoot.. So, Enjoy and Share!! Mattia

  2. Stop Motion & Animation!

    by Carlos Lascano joined

    30K Videos / 16.3K Members

    This is a place created by director/animator Carlos Lascano to share and discuss all about stop motion and experimental animation techniques. To see more videos and BTS stuff join Carlos Lascano…

  3. Aerial Photography & Aerial Video

    by Christer Dahl joined

    6,745 Videos / 2,567 Members

    For all Aerial Photo/Video addicted people... PS, ONLY AERIAL MOVIE CLIPS RECORDED FROM ACTUAL AIRCRAFT/AERIAL DEVICES. NOT from your seat in an commercial airplane... Also no videos of your gear…

  4. Time Lapse

    by Danny G joined

    1,023 Videos / 403 Members

    TimeLapsers Join and rejoyce! There are a lot of good timelapse videos on vimeo, Why not put them together ?

  5. Multicopters

    by Aerialshots joined

    3,003 Videos / 688 Members

    A group dedicated to multirotor enthusiasts! Also check out our RC Forum on http://www.rcmodelforum.com It's all about sharing our hobby!

  6. Timelapse Photography

    by David Oliva joined

    2,014 Videos / 609 Members

    The best Timelapse footage available on Vimeo.

  7. Teton Gravity Research

    by Teton Gravity Research joined

    137 Videos / 417 Members

    The Teton Gravity Research group is a source for the latest progressions and innovation in action sports entertainment.

  8. Wildlife, Astronomy and Nature

    by Alan Wood joined

    1,196 Videos / 529 Members

    My interests are filming wildlife and nature, as well as astrophotography and film. You are welcome to add your own film to this group.

  9. Timelapse and Slowmotion

    by CoasterGeek101 joined

    2,022 Videos / 890 Members

    Add any timelapse or slow-motion videos here. Anyone is welcome to join! UPDATE: We now have a new look! Image Header: thegrandnarrative.com

  10. Tilt-Shift Photography Knowledge Base

    by Bracken James Batson joined

    352 Videos / 420 Members

    How-to Tilt-Shift Tutorials, Tests, Experiments, & Projects. This group supports the Tilt-Shift Vimeo Channel. Subscribe to the Tilt-Shift Channel Here: http://vimeo.com/tiltshift

  11. Multikopter

    by BaerBalu joined

    3,696 Videos / 655 Members

    Quadrokopter-, Trikopter-, Hexakopter-, Octokopter- und ?-Kopter-Videos sind hier richtig. :) Die verwendete Plattform (MultiWii, APM, Naza, Naze32, DJI Phantom, Arm-O-Kopter, BigQuadro, MikroKopter,…

  12. Mikrokopter

    by Ingo Eberhardt joined

    2,194 Videos / 478 Members

    More at http://www.mikrokopter.com/ Quadrokopter, Hexakopter, Oktokopter. Nur für Mikrokopter Videos! Only for Mikrokopter videos! Please do not upload videos with foreign plattforms,…

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