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  1. 01:59:34

    Carrina - Film Samples

    by Cinemotive Films

    10 Videos

    Hi Carrina - Ive created this collection of my favourite films that I have produced and I believe is in line with the style you are after...

  2. 04:31:20

    Cinematic DSLR Films

    by Cinemotive Films

    32 Videos

    Cinematic DSLR Film package is designed for the couple seeking the ultimate in cinematic style. Two cinematographers film the wedding to create a detailed account of the day from varying perspectives.…

  3. 01:04:30

    CINEMOTIVE-ONE - Single Camera Shoot

    by Cinemotive Films

    6 Videos

    CINEMOTIVE-ONE package is designed for the budget conscious couple, who yet still want a high definition result. One video camera operator captures all of the key events throughout the wedding day.…

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