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Production company founded by William Karevoll, producer/director. Like us on Facebook at

Circular Pictures is a film and video production company in Marin County and Los Angeles, CA. Specializing in everything from music videos to short films, to web videos and documentaries, founder William Karevoll writes, directs, produces and edits his own unique content... and loves to collaborate with others.

The next step is to secure financing for an epic futuristic short film entitled "Hangnail," written and directed by William Karevoll. It will be the first in the Montgomery Circle Saga that will one day span across a television series and film trilogy, all of which Wlliam has been scripting since the company's inception in 1989.

From every frame captured, to every flake of matter that crosses the eyes of the viewer, we are all returned to nature. Everything comes full circle.

Circular Pictures, 2012. (coming soon)

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