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Crystle Clear Roberson has truly encompassed her moniker by consistently performing with a cloudless and unobstructed vision. Her passion for filmmaking is transparent, and her perspective on storytelling is a rarity. Greatly influenced by the works of late science fiction author Octavia E. Butler, Crystle thrives on telling unique stories that imagine alternate worlds, bending and exposing our universal laws, yet perpetuating the age-old core principles of life.

Since being honored by Women in Film & Television with the esteemed Woman to Watch Award in 2008, Ms. Roberson has truly given an eyeful to anyone who’s been paying attention. With over 8 years of experience in the film and television industry, Crystle has churned out a body of work that has garnered notable attention, awards and accolades.

In two days, she led a team of filmmakers to victory during the 48 Hour Film Festival Atlanta Competition by directing Standing Reign, a film within a film about a black actress standing up for her self worth. The short was later chosen for distribution on the “Best of 48” DVD which featured only 15 selections from thousands of entries worldwide.

The very next year, Crystle was selected as 1 of 4 filmmakers, nationwide, to compete in the Chase Legacy Film Challenge, launched by During this challenge, Crystle filmed “Next Door’s Next”, a story about a young couple who moves in next door to their older selves. She was awarded the HBO Filmmaker Award and a grant from Kodak, for writing and directing this film. Later that year, she Co-Directed the award winning short Before I Wake, which was awarded ‘Best Film’ by The Doorpost Film Project, along with the much-anticipated $100k Grand Prize.

Soon, Crystle’s persistence and creativity caught the attention of actor/artist Idris Elba (The Wire), which led to a creative collaboration on Elba’s first music video, Private Garden, lensed in picturesque San Juan, Puerto Rico. In the meantime, an additional short film that Roberson scribed and directed called The Black Cage, an experimental film about a man who wakes up and discovers he’s no longer free, was airing nationally on BET Networks. The Black Cage was 1 of 7 Top Finalists in the highly selective Lens on Talent Competition.

Most recently, Crystle travelled to the South of France to represent the newest addition to her filmography. Echoes, a film about love and it’s aftermath, was selected and screened in the esteemed Festival de Cannes - Court Métrage: Short Film Corner this past May. Echoes was also selected as 1 of 8 films worldwide to compete in the Diversity in Cannes: Short Film Showcase. The film was edited from chosen scenes of her debut feature film, Echo at 11 Oak Drive, which was funded largely by an ambitious online crowd-funding campaign, and filmed in Atlanta, Georgia. Roberson’s premiere feature tells the story of a Frenchman who moves into a century-old house and, through his writing, unveils the peculiar characters that once lived there. The independent film stars Rockmond Dunbar (Prison Break, Sons of Anarchy) and is anticipating a 2014 non-theatrical release. Crystle currently resides in Los Angeles California where she works as a fulltime filmmaker.


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