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The Clay Colton Band is San Diego's hardest working Alterative - Americana - Blues - Country - Irish - Original - Rock band. They've been entertaining audiences across Southern California with an eclectic blend of Classic Rock Covers, Alternative Rock favorites and authentic original music.

Founded originally in 2000 by guitarists/vocalists Clay Colton and Matt Bongiovanni, under the band name "Bender", the beginnings of the Clay Colton Band took shape as the duo released their first full production studio album "Two Months..." in the fall of 2001.

The Bongiovanni/Colton partnership faded, and in an attempt to continue playing and support the Bender CD, Clay took various gigs at local San Diego venues as a solo artist.

Accompanied by a range of guest artists, the band could number as many as 5 or 6 musicians to as few as 2. Eventually, several musicians would emerge and perform consistently enough to reasonably establish the collaborative effort now known as the Clay Colton Band.

They can be seen performing live on any given night throughout San Diego County.

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