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West Michigan

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With over 25 years experience, Kayle Clements (BMI) has had a multifaceted career both in music performance and composition. He has composed music for small ensembles, jazz groups, choir, orchestra, stage and television. For over 30 years, he has pursued his profession in various capacities: as accompanist, music director, high school choral music educator, adjudicator, and has taught privately. An in demand performer and accompanist, Kayle has performed throughout West Michigan and the Chicagoland area. Kayle has released five albums to date.

An avid jazz and orchestral music fan, Mac user, Kayle stays busy writing and producing music for a wide variety of media. In his spare time, Kayle enjoys taking walks with Suzy and Puppy, watching TV and snacking. You can sometimes find Kayle hanging around his website – clementunes.com

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