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Clint Loveness is an artist by nature and has always used his talents to praise the Lord through the power of art. Clint's passion is to use art, multimedia and short films to help people understand the glory of God's power, creation, and his Holy Word. We are to be like Christ, who is the greatest artist of all; His work can be seen in the beauty of nature and the stories that can be told of his great works in our lives. Clint is excited to use his talents to find these stories and to serve the Lord by starting a new ministry.

Clint was born in Redding California and has always had a creative soul. He began with his art, which has been shown at the California State fair and he has been making movies since the 4th grade, starting with animation. He moved on to live-action short films in the 7th grade. He has experience working at a news station for seven years. He has made local TV commercials and started his own business called C.L. Productions, making movies, documentaries, weddings, and awards winning short films.

Clint made a movie called The Shadow Case, which he gave a copy to Movie star: Jeff Bridges and he wrote a letter back to Clint telling him that he enjoyed the movie. Clint was involved in making the thirty minute movie, Superman. Both of these movies had a crowd over a 100 people for his premiere showing at Pepperdine. He won the video contest for Pepperdine about the service project called Step Forward day. The Dean of Admission saw this video and called Clint and offered him a job making videos for the Pepperdine Web site. He has worked with many Christian filmmakers who have found a calling to make short films for the Culver Palms Church of Christ. Clint was a producer and formed a team together for the 168 Project, which is a world wide Christian movie contest which gives you a week to make a short film based on a verse. Clint was the founder of the film society at Pepperdine University and he has helped lead many different ministry groups from a young age. Clint graduated from Pepperdine University with a degree in Telecommunications Production, an Art minor and took extension classes at UCLA film school. Clint made videos for the Malibu film festivals, Pepperdine University admissions office, Campus Ministry, and the University Church of Christ on Campus.

One of Clint's favorite professor's Tom Shadyac, director of "Evan Almighty", said that the most important thing about a movie is the story, and every good story is base on a universal truth. The Bible is filed with universal truths. Jesus was a master storyteller, and he used parables to help people understand the Good News.

Research has shown that people retain 10% of what they read, 20% of what they hear, 30% of what they see, and 70% of what they see and hear together. Movies are the most powerful Art form. Movies have the power to influence people's lives and to enhance a presentation and engage the audience in the message.

Clint is starting a new ministry called the Video Production Team. This team will be responsible for creating short films and other multimedia projects that will be used for Sunday mornings to help illustrate sermon themes, which can show a story or opens the sermon's topic. Clint is looking for actors and creative people for this new exciting ministry. If you would like to help or learn about making movies, please contact Clint.

Clint Loveness has always enjoyed telling stories through his art and photography and he loves to entertain his audience. His passion is to be a filmmaker for God. Clint believes that God has given him many talents and he wants to use his gifts to make an difference by putting a good message in his projects, He give all praise to God.
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