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From his earliest days, Clint Milby demonstrated a passion for storytelling through visuals. After receiving a video camera for his high school graduation, Clint immediately began creating short films. Everywhere he looked, Clint saw stories to tell and characters to capture.

With over fifteen years in the film in television industry, Clint Milby's early work experience includes companies such as Warner Bros. Television and the Academy of
Television Arts and Sciences.

During the span of his career, Milby has published an assortment of screenplays and produced a small library of award winning short form narratives and documentaries.

In 2012, Milby wrote the video production chapter in the latest edition of "Lensbaby:
Bending Your Perspective".

Currently he is a regular contributor for several magazines and blogs, including HDVideoPro and Additionally, he is the owner and publisher of, and

Milby is also the founder and CEO of Milby Media, a digital marketing and publishing
firm serving the pro video industry.

For more information, go to his website at

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