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C'LOUDNINE™, a clothing brand for extreme adventurists; The image of an active lifestyle delving in surfing, wake boarding, skateboarding, motorsports racing, MMA and Other heart pumping activities.

It was conceived because of the love for adventure, the passion for the extreme and the need for excitement.

The name came from the famous world class surfing spot in the Philippines, Cloud Nine, located in Siargao. wannasurf.com/spot/Asia/Philippines/Siargao_Islands/cloud_nine/ taking pride of our countries best.

The clothing lines can be broken down into four segments:
1. Water sports (surfing, scuba, wakeboard)
2. Tourism (hiking, travel)
3. Motor sports (racing apparels)
4. Street casual wear (skateboarding, mma etc.)

The product line will be:
- T-shirts
- Shorts
- Board Shorts
- Rash Guards
- Wet Suits
- Dry fit wears
- Bikinis
- Bags
- Street wears
- Sandals.

Currently the company is open for Investors. Interested Investors may email to cloud9apparels@gmail.com

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