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I have always been interested in two things: a) human interest and the chance this offers up to convey other people's lives, whoever and wherever they are. And b) I want to use the great opportunities recent technology brings to share people's stories across a range of platforms, making the most of my skills in TV production and web design.

My background in TV started 12 years ago when I filmed and edited short insert clips for BBC's Late Review; I've since worked extensively for the BBC and Channel 4 as well as programmes for ITV and Sky on Science, Arts, Popular Entertainment and Business documentaries, making special use of my languages filming in South America (I speak fluent Spanish, French and Portuguese).

Over the past two years I have taken on more freelance jobs in the corporate sector in between my TV work, doing all the filming and editing myself for companies who want to enrich their marketing strategy by using video content and are keen to maximise on "deliverable assets". Having worked with companies like Lloyds, Comic Relief and Bill Kenwright Ltd I have gained a sound knowledge of optimising video for online delivery, turning round short films in a short time and avoiding all the pain of going through an agency by speaking directly to the client to give them exactly what they want.

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