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Club Mavens is strictly for people who like dope shit. Composed exclusively of entertaining, creative, and innovative content, Club Mavens is committed to delivering you the latest and greatest bull-shit free stuff.

In addition, Club Mavens has a strong emphasis on younger creatives that deserve recognition for their work. Our chief goal is to provide young creatives, innovators, artists, and anyone with something to share a platform to both express themselves and encourage others to do so as well.

If you are content consuming the overwhelming amount of BS on the internet and standing idle while atrocious artists blow up, you should probably leave now. But, if you are fed up with the way things are and want a place to listen to some great music, watch some dope videos, and engage with a community that shares similar beliefs, you’ve found the right place.

Welcome to the club.


  1. Ashley Smith Films
  2. Luke Shepard
  3. Guillaume Blanchet I Filmmaker
  4. Johnny Kelly
  5. Focus Forward Films
  6. James W Griffiths

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