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Harriet and Scott have worked together on a number of projects since 2010 – documentary series, a documentary feature and various short dramas – working well together to bring our complementary talents to bear on what we call story sense.
Harriet has many years experience editing documentaries for cinema and television e.g the landmark Losing Layla and The Burning Season, (Nominated for ASE Best Editing Award at Screen Editors Guild 2010), Silma's School (received a standing ovation at the Sydney Film Festival 2006), from Michael Willesee documentaries in the 80's to Shitsville Express (Nominated for ASE Best Editing Award at Screen Editors Guild 2013)

Scott is a well known screen writer of feature films and writer/director on The Hard Word, (starring Rachel Griffiths, Guy Pearce and Joel Edgerton).


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  1. Amazing footage. Am writing a piece on The Block and was wondering when you shot that footage. Trying to pin down when it was exactly Aunty Joyce left. Hope you can help. Best - Hall Greenland