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    Commencement 2009

    by College of the Atlantic

    9 Videos

    Thirty-Seventh Commencement Ceremony (6.6.2009)

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    2010 Northeast Region Stranding Conference (NERS)

    by College of the Atlantic

    18 Videos

    The annual Northeast Region Stranding Network (NERS) Conference provides an opportunity for stranding network members and researchers to discuss issues, present data and share results related to marine…

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    Acadia Senior College

    by College of the Atlantic

    4 Videos

    Located on Mount Desert Island, Acadia Senior College is an educational organization providing intellectual stimulation, practical knowledge,social interaction and fun primarily for adults over 50.…

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    Champlain Society Lecture Series

    by College of the Atlantic

    2 Videos

    The spirit of 17th century explorer Samuel de Champlain, discoverer of Mount Desert Island, lives on at College of the Atlantic. Just as Captain Champlain ventured through uncharted waters almost…

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    2009 Senior Project Presentations

    by College of the Atlantic

    15 Videos

    A selection of College of the Atlantic senior projects from the 2009 academic year.

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