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Coastal Realm is an Independent Film Production Company created to making quality entertainment from short film to full feature film productions of all genres from Documentary to Fiction and including Eco Extreme Films. As an Independent Film Production Company we are always looking for the newest techniques and mix them with old classic techniques to create and tell a great story. We use some of the newest equipment such as shooting on a HDSLR Nikon D7000 and the GoPro Camera Systems to make a great final product.

With the advances in internet speed over the years we have reached out and have people working with us from all over North America including, Saskatchewan, Ontario, and Dallas Texas. We are looking soon into over seas including the Philippines.

The Head of Coastal Realm is Michael Stask. Michael is a film and theatre professional with years of technical entertainment skills and education including: A Digital Film and Video Diploma from the Art Institute of Vancouver, Underwater Theatrical Technician using the FFM Full Face Mask System, Theatrical Pyrotechnics, Theatre Automation Maintenance & Operation, Entertainment Rigging Specialist (flying Dancers & Acrobats), Grip & Production Assistant in varies independent film & videos.

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