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Los Angeles, CA

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Chuck Cohen has been a Director and Director of Photography for over 35 years. Footage from some of the Feature Films he has DP'd and Commercials he has Directed/DP'd are included here for you to watch. He has been the cinematographer of various film genre's including suspense dramas, stunt intensive action, comedies and inspiring stories based on real people/events. He has filmed sports themed movies and action on some of the most successful feature films produced including ANY GIVEN SUNDAY, VARSITY BLUES, JERRY MAGUIRE, THE MIGHTY MACS, WHITE MEN CAN'T JUMP, THE WATERBOY, THE PROGRAM, DAYS OF THUNDER, and SEMI-PRO. A few of the other very successful films he has worked on as a 2nd Unit DP include AS GOOD AS IT GETS, TRAINING DAY, ALMOST FAMOUS, WHEN IN ROME, WITHOUT LIMITS, HOW TO MAKE AN AMERICAN QUILT and DAYS OF THUNDER. You can view his Theatrical Website here:

You can also watch commercials he has Directed/DP'd, including the latest web based UPS Logistics Campaign I DP'd for director Andy Singer, with former Professional Basketball Star Lisa Leslie, to promote the 2013 NCAA Basketball Final Four Championships. This is one of a half dozen spots shot for the campaign.

Also, if you are an actor who needs to put an audition online, and/or add a particlular "character reading" to your demo reel, and wants to show a director/producer/casting agent an example of your work, and/or that you can play a part "against type", or if you're a stage actor who needs to put something on HD Capture for your reel, or an acting student who hasn't had an opportunity to put any of your work online or on a reel yet, please contact Chuck and he will go over everything he can offer you to help you attain your goals and dreams. Chuck will shoot your reading, review the takes on a big screen tv with you, edit the best takes, and upload it to a website within minutes! He uses a top of the line feature quality HD Capture camera and lenses. Chuck has lit and filmed many well known actors as a DP for some of the great directors of our time, some of which you can view on this site, as well as having directed over 150 commercials, so he can help you put an outstanding performance on HD Capture to help you show the best of yourself for your reel, website, and that important audition. Please contact Chuck at for more information and to see samples of auditions.

You can also check out some behind the scenes images from Chuck's films, as well as many other interesting and dynamic still photos from diving in Hawaii, to Border Collies in action, to various Olympics, Pro Tennis, NFL/NBA Action, and more, on his still photography website:

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