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Colchester, Essex

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Colchester Film Festival is an international film festival dedicated to discovering and showcasing the best filmmaking talent from the UK and around the world as well as hosting a series of workshops and master classes to give audiences an insight into the creative process behind films and inspire the next generation of filmmakers.

This year’s festival will be held from the 22nd - 26th of October 2014 at the Firstsite Visual Arts Gallery in Colchester. Short and Feature film submissions are open from the 1st February - 1st July 2014 and it’s completely FREE to submit your film.

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  6. Christen Kimbell
  7. Ileana Andrea Gómez Gavinoser
  9. The Wakeful Tree
  10. Inesa Ivanova
  11. Kurtz Frausun
  12. Arvind Caulagi
  13. Ashleigh V
  14. We Move Pictures
  16. Kinsler, Lauren
  17. Aden Barwick
  18. Chocolate Bear

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