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Fast emerging as a unique voice in a new generation of digital filmmakers, Cole Paviour is a writer/director who explores his fasciation with psychology through compelling cinematic photography, to create challenging and emotive visual stories.

A graduate of Bournemouth University's prestigious BA(Hons) Scriptwriting for Film & TV, Cole has already established himself in the world of digital post-production, collaborating on multi-award winning projects, such as ‘Lifesaver’, an interactive CPR training tool, and Arcade Fire’s Cannes Lion winning website ‘Just A Reflektor’.

More recently, Cole directed RSPCA’s campaign headliner, ‘How would you feel if your family abandoned you?’ A thought-provoking video that flipped the conventions of what we know animal cruelty adverts to be. The viral campaign has already received widespread news coverage and is RSPCA’s most successful online commercial to date.

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