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Colin Devlin’s Democracy of One is not a debut - it’s our
reintroduction to the unforgettable soundscapes crafted by this
seasoned songwriter for more than a decade
As The Devlins, Colin and his brother Peter defined the cinematic rock sound of the 1990s via a series of internationally
acclaimed albums that generated tracks used in dozens of film and television productions.
Now, Democracy of One takes singer Colin Devlin’s reputation for erudite simplicity to a whole new level. With this intimate
solo album helmed by producer Pierre Marchand (Sarah McLachlan, Rufus Wainwright), Devlin explores matters of the heart
in a lush acoustic setting that puts his voice front and center, adding emotional nuance to singles ‘The Heart Won’t Be Denied,’
‘Refuge,’ and ‘Raise the Dead.’

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  1. Love this! If the publishing situation wasn't so damned complicated I'd be snapping this up for Sync Panther....let's listen to what else you have though..... :-D